USA Cold Hardiness Zones

Helpful Hints for Plant Selection

Common Tree Problems

Apple pollination chart

Asian pear pollination chart

Cherry pollination chart

European pear pollination chart

Plum pollination chart

National Agroforestry Center

Appalachian Fruit Research Station:Comprehensive information on growing fruit.

Fruit Advisor: From Universitiy of Massachusetts.

Fruits and Nuts: From U.C. Davis.

Quebec Fruit Breeding & Physiology Laboratory: Fruit growing in a very cold region.

Pennsylvania State Fruit Research & Extension Center: Insect & disease problem diagnosis. Fruit tree culture.

The Virtual Orchard: A website for sustainable apple production.

Organic Materials Review Institute: Lists of what is allowed & prohibited for use in production, processing & handling of organic foods.

Royal Botanic Gardens/Kew Plant Databases: Plant information from England, similar climate to the Pacific Northwest.

Tree guide: North American trees.

USDA PLANTS Database: Photos & plant information.

Agricultural Research Service:

National Agriculture Library:

Weed I.D. & Management:

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